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Wedding Day Coordinator

Why having one is a MUST

I have been the main photographer at many, many weddings. I’ve seen a LOT go wrong. And I’ve also seen a lot go right with the help of a wedding day coordinator + a timeline.


RAW Images now offers three different ladies as a wedding day coordinator. She will be the best at assisting in a smooth and worry-free wedding day.


The RAW Images Wedding Day Coordinator will come to your rehearsal to go over ceremony details and placement.  If I am free, I like to join as well!


On wedding day, she is there the same hours I am. She has a list of all vendors and makes sure they are all on time. She will finish paying your vendors with the money you give her via envelope properly labeled. She communicates announcements and transitions with the DJ or MC (announcing you in as Mr and Mrs, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss). She will have your marriage license (that you give her day of wedding) ready to sign post ceremony and will make sure I don’t miss a first dance or cake cutting. She most importantly makes sure we are on schedule! Giving most a five to ten minute heads up “you’re needed here next” kind of motion. In the end, she will line up guests for the exit.


Whether you have a coordinator already or you’re just thinking about it right now, I promise you will not regret investing in RAW Images Wedding Day Coordinator!


Hannah Coulter

Hannah is 21 and she's a full time college student. If you already know Hannah, you know she's very talkative and outgoing so I know she will be great addition to the RAW Images Wedding Day Coordinator Team.

I asked Hannah a few questions. Here's what she had to share!

How do you know the photographer and what's your experience with her?
"I have known Rachel for what seems like forever but we really became good friends through our small group at First Baptist Hartselle. In December, Rachel had a small procedure done and was not able to lift any heavy objects. She needed an assistant on a proposal shoot and I (jokingly) told her I wanted to come along to help. The rest is history....."

What do you love about weddings?
"If I had to list everything I loved about weddings...we would be here all day. I really think I love weddings so much because there is such an element of surprise and anticipation for the event. I think some of the best parts of a wedding day are found in the little details, such as a family heirloom piece of jewelry worn by the bride or a dessert from the restaurant where the couple first met."

How beneficial is it to have a wedding day coordinator?
"I think we can all admit we have been to weddings where the music didn’t start on time or the wedding party didn’t seem to know where to stand. This is when a wedding coordinator is crucial. The bride should be able to sit back and enjoy during the best day of her life. A wedding coordinator takes those last minute “stresses” and makes them disappear. Trust me- you want a right hand man on your big day!"

I literally squealed when I was presented this wonderful opportunity. I feel like God truly places people in your life who lift you up and bring out the best version of yourself. Rachel is one of those people and I cannot wait to navigate the wedding scene with her. -Hannah

Hannah also provides a service to set up your wedding website for you! She is very talented and creative. Contact her at



Kathryn Tyler

AKA: Kat

Kat is 29. She's a secretary at Crestline Elementary and is married to Jordan Tyler. 

I asked Kat a few questions so we can better get to know her and this is what she has to say:


What do you love about weddings?
I think I love everything about weddings. I love that two families are coming together. All the decorations and flowers. There’s just so much beauty in it. 

How do you know the photographer and what’s your experience with her?
I am in a small group from church with Rachel and she was the second shooter at my wedding. We’re good friends in general!

What’s your experience with weddings?
I have worked for a florist starting in middle school all throughout high school. I assisted them with lots of weddings. My mom is also a wedding coordinator and caters several weddings.

How beneficial is it to have a wedding day coordinator?
It’s VERY beneficial. It’s like the most important thing other than the bride and groom. They keep everything running smoothly, and make sure the bride and groom are worry free.

I'm super excited to start doing this with Rachel! I’ve been her assistant at weddings before and we work very well together. This is going to be awesome! -Kat

Coordinator #3 to be announced soon!

Hair and Makeup


Kristin weatherman

Owner of Relook Artistry, llc

Kristin is 32 and is based in Guntersville, AL. She is the owner of Relook Artistry, LLC and has been doing hair and makeup forEVER! She is so so so sweet. Here's what she had to share:

What do you love about weddings?

I believe that everyone has a special gift and that it is their duty to share it with the world. Mine is the ability to enhance people’s natural beauty and help bring out the most confident version of themselves. Whether you are a bride, a runway model, a real-estate agent or an internet entrepreneur, one thing always holds true- when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you are in the best state of mind to give YOUR gift to the world. I truly believe this.

What’s your experience with weddings?

I have been doing wedding hair and makeup going on 14 years now

How beneficial is it to have hair and makeup?

Weather you are a natural bride or a glam bride it is so important to hire a professional makeup and hair artist not only does it take all the stress off of you and your bridal party but you will be able to see the difference in the photos as well

My love for being a makeup artist can be broken down into three categories: I love the feeling that I am empowering the people I work on, I love connecting with my clients and I love the journey of learning new trends. -Kristin



Lucas and Matt

with Skylar Scott Studios

Lucas and Matt are a great team to work with. They have personally filmed myself and they are reliable, their equipment is way more fancier than mine, and they made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. The videos they produce are very high quality. 


Lucas Scott

Lucas is 30 and is the owner and producer of Skylar Scott Studios. He is a professional film producer and let me assure you, he is FANTASTIC to work with! I ask him a few questions so we can get to know him better :]

What do you love about weddings?

Magic is in the air. My favorite part about filming weddings is the fact that the ENTIRE event is meticulously set to be gorgeous and perfect. This makes capturing deeply beautiful content a breeze - It's like working on a movie set for a film called "LOVE and LIGHT"

What’s your experience with weddings?

I've produced several wedding pieces varying in style, length and tone. 

How beneficial is it to have a videographer? 

Highly. Barring face to face interaction, professionally produced video is the deepest way to connect. Our clients love that we are able to immortalize these special moments and tell their story in a way that reveals and highlights the magic.

I love video production. I've always had a knack for being able to express myself through video & love the way I feel when I'm "tapped into" the creative process. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to use my gifts and talent to present something so powerful and lasting to our clients. I love what I do and I love sharing it with the world! #gratitude -Lucas


Matt Zartuche

Matt is 29 and works alongside Lucas as a professional film producer for Skylar Scott Studios. I've known Matt since high school. One of the friendliest, most genuine human being you could know. I asked Matt the same questions. Here's what he had to say:

What do you love about weddings?

I love that its a day to celebrate LOVE! A day to celebrate unity, one of the most precious gifts from our Lord and savior! 

What’s your experience with weddings?

Although I have never produced a wedding film, I am deeply passionate about film production! I love to see the unity of 2 souls, and I am completely honored to capture this experience and may more to come!

How beneficial is it to have a videographer?

So much time and energy is put into creating this perfect day! Which is exactly why it makes perfect sense to document every single moment!

I am extremely humbled for the opportunity to unite with RAW Images! Together I believe we can deliver the highest quality of product, relationships, and passion to our clients! -Matt

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